About Us

IntelliGadgets is a subsidiary of   VIRTUE GROUP LLC  

Virtue Group specializes in General Trading, E-Commerce and Consultancy Services

IntelliGadgets deals with sourcing and trading of different kinds of monitoring, measurement, communication and specialized devices, instruments and equipment for industrial, automotive, office and home use with IoT and other connectivity options for monitoring data via internet worldwide or local networks.

The company having its office in Dubai, UAE, targets customers worldwide. The products are sold through our own websites and also through third party websites like Amazon, eBay etc.
Our intent is to provide the community with unique products which they would normally purchase at a higher price. The company’s share holders handling different activities has vast experience in their respective fields, and are focused in providing customised products and services at the best rates.

We encourage customers to be experimental with new products. Our mission is to understand what our customers' needs and hopes are, after buying our products for different fields and purposes.

Our products and their specifications are carefully chosen by analysing market demand and comparing products from several suppliers to provide our customers with the best quality and reliable products. We also work with our suppliers to customize products for our customers, where possible, to provide them the best buying experience and satisfaction.